My Primary Has Come to An End ;(

Year 8 formal~

I arrived in the car with Mum at 6:24, I quickly ran up the huge stairs to meet my friends, They all looked so beautiful! People complemented me on how my dress was really cool, and how I smelt nice 😛 I then went up to my bestfriend! She was holding something, I looked at it and OMG! SHE HAD GOT A PHONE!! I was so happy for her, It’s really cool too, its orange with white! Hehehe, anyways.

We all rushed to our places and took a few photos, then went to our table, I sat next to Caitlin and Petra! Tash ended up coming to our side too, We laughed and talked then decided what drink we would like, I got a raspberry, and Petra got a really nice Fejoa Juice, it smelt like puke, but taste amazing! As Petra, Caitlin and I looked through the menu, we all decided to get the same thing, Crumbed Fish, with chips and crochet. Natasha got this pan fried fish, with almond and apricot sauce. While waiting for your main, we all went to the salad boat, I got some potato and prawn crackers. Then went back to eat them, Once they everything was gone, our food arrived, it looked really good! I ate everything except one piece of fish that I would not of been able to fit in, I asked if anyone wanted the fish and Sahara said ‘Me!’ So I passed the fish, Sahara grabbed it, took one small bite then handed it back saying ‘I am full” -_-

The waitress came and took our food back, then Mr Elms gave us these cute little pens, with St Patricks Paraparaumu engraved on the side of the pen! We then ordered desert, We were supposed to share with someone, I was about to ask Petra when Sahara asked her, so I had to share a a huge big piece of Chocolate Mud cake with myself! Best friends these day 😛

After the food, all my closest friends and I went outside and took some really cool pictures with the sunset! I love all of them so much! It was the best night ever! I hope we all stay friends through college! Hang out at the mall, have sleepovers! Even just message! Ilyasm

And Today we have the graduation mass, then on tomorrow we have our school mufti and wheels day! Then the holidays, Christmas and finally…..






photo (84)








Dag van de Bloem

It’s almost here! No, not Christmas, but Tulip Day! This occasion is held on the 18 of January 2014, but it’s not in New Zealand, it’s in The Neatherlands! Every year, on a different day, The Netherlands has a huge big day, called tulip day, there are floats made from tulips! It’s absolutely spectacular. Some day I wanna take all my friends to the Neatherlands and we could eat chocoladekoekje, which is Chocolate Biscuits, and watch the Tulip festival.


This is a beautiful picture of tulips in front of a windmill.

tulips 2

This is a field of tulips, all different colours!


Poor and Rich People.

I was online on time, and saw this beautiful video, it shows so much, so when your complaining about not liking broccoli or not getting an iPod for Christmas, just stop, because there are some kids same age as you, that literally get absolutely nothing for Christmas, they would have to be incredibly lucky to even get a little apple or something!

When my Mum went to Borneo in Malaysia, she met a little girl named Elizabeth, Elizabeth had a hump of hay as a bed, one pear of clothes, and one meal a day, which was half an apple, but she told my mum, that she is the luckiest person in the world!

Enjoy <3

~Charlie 😛

Little me! Big Me!

Haii Everyone! Haven’t posted for awhile, I have been so busy with other writing thingys. Every year all the year eights make a power point, they can add photos from there past, and decorate it! Well I have been busy with mine, and I would love for y’all to have a little look…

In case you’re wondering about the photos with more than one person in it, I am the puffed haired one!

Year 8 power point.


















About me!

Okay, last time I did an ‘about me’ thing, I was 10, soo alot has changed. Here is an update about me.


Hai! I am Charlotte, my best friends call me Charlie, losers call me Lottie. I was born on the 18th of April 2001, so I am 12 years old. I was born in a huge hospital in Wellington, and I lived in Welly for 2 years, then my Family and I moved to the Kapiti Coast! I go to St Patrick’s School Paraparaumu.

My best friends names are Natasha, Brittany, Caitlin, Petra and Sahara! I am half Dutch and Russian (wink wink Tash) I love the water, not like drinking it, but you know, swimming. I do competitive swimming and Surf Life Saving, and I am thinking of maybe starting, Water Polo and Underwater Hockey. I also play Netball and Rugby.

I have a little brother named Thomas, everyone is supposed to call him Tom. He is 9 years old. I absolutely love hunting!! It’s so much fun!! I normally would do it with my cousins though!

I like to write, I personally don’t like reading. I very strongly dislike people who think they are better than everyone else. Or people that constantly say they are fat or ugly when the aren’t. I am in love with Channing Tatum and pineapple! People find me Talkative, crazy, loud, annoying, weird, but guess what…I DON’T EVEN CARE!! <— LOL!

I love to travel! My Mum’s a travel agent, so we get to travel a lot, this year I visited a beautiful little place called Hawaii!! It’s officially my favourite country!  One day I want to take my friends there with me!

When I am older I want to be a photographer or a vet! I love animals (Who doesn’t) and everyone keeps telling me ‘Why would you wanna be a vet, you might have to put animals down!!” Well my say to that is “I am not killing the animals, I am putting them out of their suffering!’ 😀 So I wanna be a vet!

I sort of wanna start Cheerleading! We do it at school sometimes, and it’s always a lot of fun, but I am scared that I might lose some of my friends to it! 🙁 but yeah, it’s loads of fun! And I 100% support anyone who wants to start!

Well thats all you guys are gonna know about me!! Thanks for reading!! Comment if we have anything in common, or something else!!

Peace out

~ Charlie <3


about meh

Sports Time :)

So there are a lot of sports out there right? Hockey, Rugby, Ballet. HEAPS! Well I am going to tell you about some sports that are good!…

1. Ballet. Ballet is a very skillful sport, lots of concentration and balance, it is a healthy thing to do, girls and boys. It increases upper body strength and posture. This is an amazing sport!


2. Surf Life Saving. Surf life saving has been around for about 200 years, its good because it helps peoples confidence in the water, not only do you learn to swim in dangerous water or how to get yourself out of a rip, you learn how to save OTHER people. This is a fabulous sport!


3. Hockey. Hockey is great for young kids, gets them running, and ball skills, its a great skill to have to be able to play hockey, I mean carrying around that hockey putt and running, poof. This is a skillful sport!


4. Basketball. Again this is a sport where its great to have, and again, running with a ball AND bouncing it! The only thing is you have to be quite tall and a good runner, you see I would be horrible, I am NOT tall, and I CAN not run! This is a good sport for freakishly tall people!


5. Swimming, swimming well, teaches you to swim! Its another great example of skillful sport. Short and fat or tall and skinny, anyone can be great, you just have to work at it, lately a new law has come out…Every child must learn to swim, so if YOU can’t swim, which I know some of you can’t, then just ask ya parents to bring you to a lesson once a week for 30 minutes, doesn’t matter what age, I know a 20 year old learning to swim, you might also have Brit and I as your coaches. Without being able to swim, when you go into the water you take your life into YOUR hands. Last year my Best friend Petra could barely swim 15m, now look at her! She asked her Mum to sign her up for lessons and now is winning gold, silver and bronze medals at national swimming meets. I am so proud of her! <3


6. Tennis. If you go pro at tennis you earn at least $1000 every week, tennis is great, lots of fun! But not EVERYONE can do it, I am horrible. I would love to be able to play, you must be fit, healthy, people say that Ballet dancers (Sahara) would be great at tennis. This is a fantastic sport!


7. long Distance Running. For some weird reason this is not a ‘actual’ sport. But its a skill to have, anyone can run, but make sure to keep up your fitness. Go for a run at least once a week, I don’t. I never run, only when I HAVE to, but I been told that I am good, everyone’s good. This is a great sport!


8. Netball. Netball is probably one of my favourite sports! Its a fabulous team sport, anyone can be good at it, it’s one of those sports where if you don’t play a sport, you can play netball, I mean, I know loads of people that don’t play any sports except netball! I love it, Saturday morning, running with ya friends, sausages, ahhhh! I love it! This is an amazing sport!!


Thanks for reading guys! Hope I didn’t offend anyone…Haha, Sorry if I missed your sport, this post would be going on forever if I put in every sport! Comment what your favourite sports is!

Peace out lil monsters! (;

~ Charlie 😀

















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